Blüthner Pianos

Bluthner at Dresden
Julius Blüthner established his workshop in Leipzig, Saxony in 1853. This accomplishment was only achieved after long and difficult campaign to gain Leipzig citizenship. Julius started his endeavor with himself and three other craftsman. A deeply religious man, Julius spoke the defining words that would allow his company to survive and flourish for the next 170 years, “May God Prevail”. The age of any particularly Blüthner piano can be determined by matching its serial number to the age table freely available on the Blüthner website. By 1900 Blüthner had become the largest piano maker in Germany, producing some 5,000 instruments annually. Innovations such as the Aliquot String, a fourth string that vibrated sympathetically and that is tuned in unison as well as the cylindrical soundboard and angle cut hammers, created a unique voice for the Blüthner instrument.

Blüthner Upright Pianos

Bluthner Model D

Model D, 45″

With the new Model D, Blüthner has created a design of obect with a pure linear form. The substantial, square frame and the delicate subtleties reduce, in the spirit of purism.

Bluthner Model C

Model C, 46″

Crafted in the traditional way using our time-honoured piano making principles, this piano compares well with the larger models. Model C is a convincing instrument with a full and well-balanced tone throughout the octaves.

Bluthner Model A

Model A, 49″

The design of this instrument is based on many years of experience in piano manufacturing. The sensitivity of the sound-board responds to the player’s every intention, creating the desired dynamics and tonal coours, and fulfilling the role of a small grand.

Bluthner Model B

Model B, 52″

This piano epitomizes technical and musical perfection, offering an impressive sound that is rich in tonal colour, with a very responsive action.

Bluthner Model S

Model S, 57.5″

This piano is the crowning achievement of our upright piano collection, offering the player an enveloping beauty of tone in all registers and a fullness of sound that is only comparable to the experience of our grand pianos. Founded on 150 years of piano-making experience, this instrument has an extraordinary musical capacity and is an ideal centerpiece for any music room.

Blüthner Grand Pianos

Bluthner Model 11

Model 11, 5’1″

If it is space that prevents you from putting a grand piano in your home, this instrument may be ideal. It will certainly fit into the smallest corner and you will enjoy all the advantages a grand piano has to offer: the satisfying touch of the keyboard, the elegance of design that will compliment your home, and a sound that will enchant you.

Bluthner Model 10

Model 10, 5’5″

This model is a favourite instrument for the home or music studio, or indeed for a small hall. The proportions of this instrument have been carefully planned to assure maximum performance.

Bluthner Model 6

Model 6, 6’3″

This is the standard size of a grand piano. Due to the ideal proportions of the instrument, this model can be built to technical specifications that allow the strings to resonate at their optimum capacity.

Bluthner Model 4

Model 4, 6’10″

This is the most celebrated size for a professional piano. It incorporates the tonal qualities of a concert grand into a maneuvrable size. It will perform well in small halls as a concert piano but also as a practice instrument that can more than meet the needs of the most demanding concert artist.

Bluthner Model 2

Model 2, 7’8″

When you play this instrument a completely new world will open up to you. You will play fast scales with ease and powerful fortissimo is well within your reach. This instrument will capture your imagination and inspire you with its powerful dynamics and clear tone, allowing for greater freedom of interpretation.

Bluthner model 1

Model 1, 9’2″

This instrument is the masterpiece of Blüthner, and embodies the knowledge acquired over the past 150 years of piano making. It is certainly one of the most dependable instruments with regard to stability of tuning, regulation of the action and steadfastness in adverse climatic condition.