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Irmler Europe Pianos

Irmler pianos are convincing with their distinctive sound properties. Carefully selected materials, high quality workmanship and the use of modern technology are the sources of our success. Let yourself be seduced by the tonal and aesthetic qualities of the Irmler instruments. An advantageous value for the money, paired with our long-standing experience in traditional German piano craftsmanship and technical innovations, guarantee the consistency of our quality.

Irmler Europe Upright Pianos

Irmler H116


A high performance 46″ upright piano with smooth and rich tones, with a lavish European sound.

Haessler H118


A good height at 48″, the F122E is one of the best studio size upright that one could ever dreamt of.

Haessler H124


A full size upright, the 52″ F132E demonstrates what a best standard upright could be.

Irmler Europe Grand Pianos

Haessler H175


A 5’3″ baby grand piano with surprising volume and a rich tonal character that sets it apart from its competitors.

Haessler H186


A 5’8″ baby grand suitable for any home or studio with the famous Irmler flavour and richness.

Haessler H210


A full size grand piano at 6’3″ in length that performs well in any home, school or studio setting.

Haessler H210


A full size grand piano at 7′ is great for large living room for home concert.

Haessler H210


A semi-concert grand piano at 7’7″ in length that performs well in any concert hall.