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Knabe (pronounced kah-nobby) originates in the US during piano building boom of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Today, Knabe is built by one of the largest piano building consortiums in the world, the Samick Music Company. Samick, who also has the controlling interest in Steinway & Sons, has taken the Knabe name back to its roots. Nowadays, Knabe pianos are built to the same standards, the same scales, and the same sweet tones that would make Wilhelm Knabe proud.

The Knabe comes in two lines of products, the performance grade Concert series that is equivalent to a Yamaha or Kawai and the studio grade Academy Series which offers unparalleled value competes with Yamaha G series, Kawai GM, and Essex (by Steinway & Sons).

Knabe Vertical Pianos

Concert Series

Knabe WKV121


A high performance 48″ upright piano with smooth and rich tones, and an American flavour. This is equivalent to a Yamaha U1 and typically 25% less.

Knabe WKV131


A full size 52″ upright with a full and deep bass and the signature Knabe richness. This competes with the Yamaha U3 and typically 25% less.

Academy Series

Knabe WV142


When size and cost are the critical factors, the continental console offers great value and backed by the respected Knabe name. the WV142 is 42″ tall and is similar to the LU or T118 by Yamaha. A great entry piano for beginners, or those with restricted space.

Knabe WMV121


A full size studio grade 48″ upright piano will a bright sound and easy action. A great piano at a great price.

Knabe WMV131


Much like its 48″ cousin, this 52″ full size studio piano has bright tones and an easy action. It is lovely to play, and is affordable on almost any budget.

Knabe Grand Pianos

Concert Series

Knabe WKG53


A 5’3″ baby-grand piano with surprising volume and a rich tonal character that sets it apart from its competitors. Comparable to the Yamaha C1, but with a smooth and more established sound.

Knabe WKG58


A 5’8″ grand suitable for any home or studio with the famous Knabe flavour and richness. Comparable to the Yamaha C2 or Kawai RX2.

Knabe WKG64


A full size grand piano at 6’4″ in length that performs well in any home, school or studio setting. This is a player’s piano and will certainly impress all who play. Comparable to the Yamaha C3 or Kawai RX3.

Knabe WKG76


A 7’6″ Semi-Concert Grand piano has all of the power one could need to fill a hall, a living room, or venue. Comparable to a Kawai RX7 or Yamaha C7

Academy Series

Knabe WG48


One of the smallest pianos on the market and the smallest of the Knabe line, it is truly a baby grand to fit almost any room and any budget. more

Knabe WG50


A true baby grand piano with a big voice, great looks, and at an affordable price.more

Knabe WG54


5’4″ small grand comparable to the Yamaha G or Kawai GM grand pianos and at an exceedingly good value. This is a great starter piano that will be sure to add luster and sophistication to any room.

Knabe WG61


A full size 6’1″ grand piano similar to Yamaha G or Kawai GM, which represents a great piano for the enthusiast who is not quite ready yet for the Concert Series or for a studio or school.