11 Reasons to Choose Pacey’s

Pacey’s Pianos has been synonymous with quality, expertise and experience in Vancouver for generations. Only Pacey’s Pianos offer such a high standard of service, range of instruments, and depth of experience anywhere in the area. We can guarantee:

  1. Complete customer satisfaction
  2. The best selection of quality pianos and keyboards in the Vancouver area
  3. The highest quality sales and after-sales services in the Vancouver area
  4. The most honestly priced instruments in the Vancouver area
  5. A family owned and operated business for generations
  6. The most professional and highly trained sales associates in the musical retail industry
  7. Expert technicians with a minimum of 10 years experience
  8. Fully trained, experienced and skilled service staff
  9. Total commitment to our customer service and satisfaction. Your piano is our priority
  10. A business at the heart of the community. Pacey’s Pianos is endorsed by universities, colleges, churches, schools, community centers, charities, non-profit organizations and piano teachers throughout the Vancouver area
  11. Once a Pacey’s customer, always a Pacey’s customer. Often we provide pianos to the grown children of parents who have bought a piano from Pacey’s.