Rental FAQ

We must ask you to pay the balance of the contract.

Yes. Our Rent to Own Program is famous in Vancouver, and is the model that other piano dealers attempt to replicate.

+Can we apply the rental money towards any piano?
In most circumstances, you can apply your credit towards the purchase of any piano of equal or greater value.

+What happens if I want to continue renting my piano or keyboard after my rental agreement expires?
For your convenience, your rental agreement will automatically be converted to a month to month contract. Please note that only the first 12 months of rental fees can be applied towards the purchase of the piano.

+I want to return my piano and I have been renting for more than my original rental agreement.
Please email us and your piano can be returned within 30 days. We will need to know your name, piano type, rental contract number, and contract date.

+Do we have to use your recommended Piano Movers?
Yes. Since our movers specialize in piano deliveries, they are less likely to damage the piano. In case of damage, they will take full responsibility of the piano. If you need to move your piano, please contact us at the piano store and we can make arrangements for you. Pacey’s Pianos can provide complete moving services.

+What happens if the rental piano becomes damaged?
Please inform us in writing and we will have an estimator quote the damage.

+Do we have to use your certified piano technicians?
Pacey’s Pianos uses the best piano technicians and to ensure the ongoing quality of our instruments, we use only technicians certified by ourselves. By using technicians we know and trust, we can maintain the high quality of instruments and reputation of Pacey’s Pianos.

+How long can we rent a piano for?
There is no limit to how long you can the piano for; however, only the first 12 months of rental payments may be applied toward the purchase price.

+My question wasn't answered
Call us at 604-732-8835 or email us through the contact form below, and one of our highly knowledgable associates will be happy to answer any questions you may have.