Piano Appraisal

Piano Appraisal & Estimates: How Much is You Piano Worth?

If you need a piano appraisal, Pacey’s Pianos will provide detailed information you can trust. Our experience? Generations as the leading piano retailer in Vancouver.

What Kind of Piano Appraisal Do I Need?

Appraisals fall into three categories: Fair Market Value, Insurance, and CRA charitable donation.

Fair Market Value

The most popular form of appraisal is Fair Market Value. This values the piano at resale price in normal market conditions.


Pacey’s Pianos also offers appraisal for insurance purposes. This provides an insurance company with a detailed report, including photographs, provenance and a full documentation of the piano’s condition. Research may be necessary on historically important or art-case pianos. The value for insurance purposes may be higher than fair market value as the insurance company needs to replace the instrument as soon as possible.


We also undertake appraisals for CRA donation value. This type of appraisal is necessary when you wants to donate a piano to an accredited charitable institution or if the piano is part of an estate. As for insurance, photographs and a complete condition documentation is provided. Pacey’s Pianos are leading experts in the piano and keyboard appraisal field. Our highly trained expert staff will provide you with the advice and expertise you need for a reliable appraisal you can depend on.