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Founded in 1854, Mason & Hamlin is one of America’s oldest and most respected piano manufacturers. Of the hundreds of American piano companies that flourished in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Mason & Hamlin is one of only two that survive today.

Mason & Hamlin is headquartered in Haverhill, Massachusetts, not far from its original location in Boston, the birthplace of American piano design and manufacturing. Six floors of its busy factory are dedicated to handcrafting Mason & Hamlin pianos. Within its walls, a workforce of 70 highly skilled craftsmen complete every phase of production from rim-pressing to prepping the finished product.

Attention to detail takes time, and Mason & Hamlin invests a great deal of it in every piano it makes. Before a Mason & Hamlin leaves the factory, it’s inspected no fewer than 12 times. Choosing quality over quantity, Mason & Hamlin limits its annual production to 50 uprights and 300 grand pianos.

Mason & Hamlin is a forward-thinking company that invests time and millions of dollars in creating its products. But along with its eye to the future is one trained on the past. That’s why the factory’s top floor showroom will one day house the Mason & Hamlin Museum, where vintage instruments, artifacts and memorabilia will be on display to the public. The museum and creation of the Mason & Hamlin Historical Preservation Society are just two ways the company is honoring its long and illustrious history.

“Mason & Hamlin pianos have a mystique about them,” explained Gary Burgett, who owns the company with his brother, Kirk. “There are countless Mason & Hamlin aficionados around the world. When we bought the company 1996, we heard from so many of them, all grateful that we were going to keep this great piano alive. They encouraged and inspired us. Now we’d like to show our appreciation for their interest and support with a special website where they can share their stories about the pianos they love, meet fellow Mason & Hamlin fans, and also have a place to see Mason & Hamlin treasures. We hope that someday soon everyone who’s interested will be able to come to our factory, see how we’re making our pianos today, what we have planned for the future, and then enjoy a glimpse at our past.”


Richard Gertz can and should be considered the greatest forebearer of the American piano. He came from a long line of musicians and was trained as a piano builder under the guidance of some of the world’s finest piano makers including the masters at Blüthner and Bösendorfer in Germany. Upon arriving in America, he began working for Steinway innovating and adding significantly to the rich tones of the Steinway grands. After returning to Germany for several years, Mason & Hamlin recruited him and recognizing his unique talents gave him considerable freedom in the creating their new scales. Richard was so successful, he was invited to become a shareholder and consequently developed some of the most advanced features piano technology had ever seen; technology that even today is lightyears ahead of the competition. It is thanks to Richard Gertz that the Mason & Hamlin of today has its signature tension resonator, is aliquots, and its unique tonal quality.

Mason & Hamlin Vertical Pianos

Model 50

The Model 50 is truly an outstanding achievement in the art of piano
making. It was created for professional use in schools, churches, and
institutions. For those who require grand piano characteristics in a
compact vertical size, the performance of the Model 50 surpasses all
other uprights. Available in classic high polish ebony. more

Mason & Hamlin Grand Pianos

Model B – 5’4″ Grand Piano

This remarkable piano was created for professional use in schools, churches and other institutions, and for anyone one who requires grand piano characteristics in a compact vertical size. The Model 50 surpasses all other uprights in power and tone and with Mason & Hamlin innovations like the Tension Resonator, which preserves the crown of the soundboard, and sturdy 6-post back construction, the Model 50 will withstand years of strenuous use. As with all of its pianos, Mason & Hamlin builds the Model 50 by hand, using only the finest materials, making it the best value in its class. And, as always, Mason & Hamlin pianos are Made in America. more

Model A – 5’8″ Grand Piano

A piano with greater depth of sound, the Model A is widely considered to be the best grand piano under six feet in the world. Ideal for professional studios, conservatories and other institutions, yet suitable for the home. Available in elegant mahogany, pyramid mahogany, walnut, exotic Brazilian rosewood, macassar ebony, bubinga and classic satin and high polish ebony. more

Model AA – 6’4″ Grand Piano

At 6’ 4”, the Model AA is impressive in every way a piano can be judged: tonal clarity, pitch consistency, touch responsiveness and superior craftsmanship. It is suitable for any setting and capable of large sonorities and the softest, most delicate whisperings. Available in elegant mahogany, pyramid mahogany, walnut, exotic Brazilian rosewood, macassar ebony, bubinga and classic satin and high polish ebony. more

Model BB – 7′ Semi-Concert Grand Piano

A piano acclaimed for its perfectly balanced scale and substantial tone, the legendary Model BB has redefi ned what a 7’ piano should be. The Model BB is designed for spacious homes, conservatories, professional studios, auditoriums and for serious students. Available in elegant mahogany, pyramid mahogany, walnut, exotic Brazilian rosewood, macassar ebony, bubinga and classic satin and high polish ebony. more

Model CC – 9’4″ Concert Grand Piano

Mason & Hamlin’s Model CC-94 Concert Grand Piano (featuring double tension resonators) is the ultimate performance instrument — powerful, sonorous, responsive, with a perfectly balanced action and unparalleled quality of tone. more

How a Mason & Hamlin piano is built.