Used Japanese Pianos

Buying a good-quality, used Japanese piano from a reputable dealer is a smart investment. It allows you to have the benefits of an industry leading Yamaha instrument while not having to pay for the dramatic depreciation that occurs in the first few years. Pacey’s Pianos customers typically save 50-60% off of equivalent new instruments.

Japanese pianos have very long lives even if in original condition as long as they have been maintained over their lives. Pacey’s Pianos only purchases the best examples of these beautiful instruments and ensures that each and every one is brought back to fantastic condition before arriving on the sales floor. Because of our exceptional selection process, the instruments that we select will have an estimated service life of over 60 years.

There are some myths about these grey market supposedly wet pianos especially regarding the idea of seasoning. All Pacey’s Pianos is unique because we inspect and monitor each and every piano we purchase. Each are hand-picked and is subjected to a rigourous inspection process. Twice in Japan and once in our warehouse. Each piano has a minimum waiting period to ensure proper acclimatization to the Canadian environment. Pacey’s Pianos are the leaders in piano rentals and we only purchase the best pianos for our fleet for long service life and a lifetime of enjoyment.

There is much controversy over the idea of a wet piano or grey market piano and their durability over time in Canada. The answer is somewhat involved and worthwhile to know about if you are in the market as you could save thousands of dollars with your purchase. Any one of our representatives will be happy to discuss with you some of the finer details to this discussion.

At Pacey’s Pianos, with so many decades in the business and so many happy customers, you can rest assured and confident in our warranty.