Piano Brands

Mason & Hamlin Piano Logo Mason & Hamlin has been building pianos in America for 150 years and are the last of the independant American piano companies left. In the same class as a Steinway and many times more affordable. more


Schulze-Pollmann Piano Logo Schulze-Pollmann endeavours to build the best pianos in the world. Based San Marino allows us to take advantage of the best piano builders, the best Engineers, and the best artisans to create a truly remarkable instrument that is uncompromising in its style, tonal dynamatism and clarity, and overall beauty. Schulze Pollmann has successfully managed to add original elements of Italian taste and design with German technical knowhow, producing a remarkable blend of tradition, technology and elegance. more

Used Yamaha

Yamaha Piano Logo Yamaha has been building pianos in Japan for more than 100 years and has been a mainstay in universities, studios, and homes throughout the world since the 1960′s. The Yamaha U1 is considered by many to be baseline by which other pianos are measured: equivalent to the Honda Civic of the piano industry. more

Orange Digital

Orange Digital Piano Logo Orange Digital pianos offer features normally only found on expensive digital pianos but at a much more affordable price. They are well known for the c-type action which carefully mimics the true movement and feel of an acoustic piano. They are often compared to Roland and Yamaha but priced hundreds of dollars less. more

Used Pianos

A high quality used piano from Pacey’s is a great way to start in the piano world without spending a lot of money. Pacey’s pianos are great names like Kawai, Heintzman, Royale, Liebermann, Ibach, Sojin and others and come with a warranty. Don’t be stuck with an “as-is” piano from a dealer or classified. Go with the name you trust, go with Pacey’s. more

Used Premium Pianos

Pacey’s has a steady flow of used premium pianos from Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, France and the rest of Europe. Buying a second-hand piano, in well maintained original or restored condition allows you to have a beautiful instrument while saving thousands or tens-of-thousands over new. Further, with a Pacey’s restored piano you can have the best of all worlds: A brand new, beautifully working antique piano at substantial savings when compared to new and with the confidence that comes from Pacey’s Pianos warranty. more