Used Premium Pianos

Pacey’s Pianos receives a steady flow of used premium pianos from Germany, Italy, Czech Republic, France and the many other European countries. Buying a second-hand piano in a well-maintained original or restored condition allows you to have a beautiful instrument, while saving thousands or tens-of-thousands when buying new. Furthermore, with a Pacey’s Pianos restored piano, you can have the best of all worlds: a brand new, beautifully working antique piano at substantially lower price, and the confidence that comes from Pacey’s Pianos warranty.

Below are a selection of brands Pacey’s Pianos carries in their showroom. Stock changes constantly, so please don’t hesitate to call us to see what we have available.

Steinway & Sons

Steinway & Sons is one of of the most famous and well recognized brands in the world. Steinway & Sons has been building upright and grand pianos for over 100 years, and is responsible for many innovations in piano technology. There are hundreds of thousands of used Steinway & Sons pianos around the globe, and Vancouver has its share. Pacey’s Pianos often has used Steinways taken in on trade, or bought for the purpose of restoration.

If you are interested in a Steinway piano, you will do yourself a great favour by considering Mason and Hamlin. See our detailed comparison of Mason and Hamlin vs. Steinway pianos.

August Forster

August Forster is a famous German manufacturer that has been building top quality instruments since 1859. Many people are not aware that there were two factories building pianos under the August Forster name; their history stretches back to the Austral-Hungarian Empire, with one factory in Germany and the other in the Czech Republic. For many years August Forster pianos were made for many years by Petrof. Both are fine instruments, and worthy of the acclaim.


Petrof is the best known piano builder in the Czech Republic. They have been building pianos since 1839, and are known for carrying a enigmatic European tone. Buying a used Petrof is a great way to have a lovely European piano without spending more than you have to.

Mason & Hamlin

The Ameican legend, Mason & Hamlin has been building some of the finest pianos in the world since 1854 and are Steinway’s biggest competitor. These pianos have the Crown Retention System, which ensures the piano’s crown maintains its bow and keeps its unique Mason & Hamlin voice. It is common for 80 year old Mason’s to have a perfect crown simply because of their Crown Retention System.


Heintzman is called the Canadian Steinway and was the primary in the once big, Canadian piano building industry. Heintzman came up with innumerable innovations, including agraffs. As a true piece of Canadiana, a Heintzman upright or grand piano has a distinct voice, and are not only beautiful instruments but are also a joy to play.

European Pianos

Pacey’s Pianos has a steady flow of premium used pianos from Europe. Some are one of a kind, some original, and some restored.