Bob was amazing. Best tuning we've had this side of the Atlantic for sure. He really enjoyed our piano too, which was fun.

The piano's sounding great, he explained an issue we had with a beat in one string, gave us our options, and provided the perfect simple workaround solution.

Thanks guys. We'll call you again when we need a tune, and will have no hesitation in recommending you to others.

Tom S.

Thank you Pacey’s Pianos for helping us find the perfect piano. My parents bought our first piano from Pacey’s Pianos more than 30 years ago. When I decided to my buy my own piano for our family I came to Pacey’s Pianos. What a true family tradition!

Rose H.

I am a used car salesmen and a genuine bargain hunter. I searched everywhere for a piano for 8 months. But I found the best price at Pacey’s Pianos.

Chris L.

How do you choose a piano for you 6 year old daughter? This was my predicament. I have never played any instrument in my life. Pacey’s Pianos had a great rent to own program. They helped me with everything, the teacher, the piano, the delivery. Thank you Pacey’s Pianos for
making something complicated so easy.

Betty C.

I was given a piano from a good friend but it sounded terrible. I had it inspected by tuner who told me I had to spend over $4,000.00 to make it “playable”. I didn’t know what to do, but then a friend told me about Pacey’s Pianos. I called them and from the moment I spoke to them on the phone, they were great. $250.00 later I have a working piano.

Frank K.

My late wife and I bought a grand piano from Pacey’s pianos about 40 years ago. It is a beautiful big black grand piano. Sometimes I think my wife liked the piano more than me! We are both very accomplished piano players but horrifically, the movers dropped our piano from 5 feet when I last moved. The insurance company would replace nor repair the piano due to the severity of the damage and the cost. I was absolutely heartbroken. The piano was more than an instrument to me, it brought me so much joy. I decided to get my own quotes and research. Pacey’s Pianos was very sincere and knew all the right answers. They were the only ones prepared to do such a complex job. The best news was the insurance company even picked up the tab! And of course, the Piano was perfect just as promised.

George C.

I had this piano in my basement that I got for free from an English bar. It was in very very bad shape but I guess I am a little bit eccentric so a free grand piano; how could you go wrong? This piano sat in my basement for 10 years collecting dust and looking very worn. When I decided to sell my house and move to the valley I had to make a decision. Sell this piano and buy another one or restore it. Once I started calling piano stores about the piano everyone wanted to buy it. No one would tell me why or give me any advice. But then I called Pacey’s. They gave me the age, the history and even came out to give me a free evaluation. After speaking to their experienced and helpful staff, I realized that I had a very special piano. It is a beautiful Heintzman 1905 seven foot grand piano. Being a designer I am a perfectionist myself and if I was going to have it rebuilt, it needed to looks perfect. Pacey’s assured me that it would be “just as promised” and it was.

Lynn J.

I was getting married and my wedding gift from my husband was a grand piano. My husband arranged for the piano to be delivered to our house while we were gone on our honeymoon. When we returned we found the black baby grand sitting in our livingroom....wrapped completely with the largest red bow I have ever seen in my life. It had been tuned and polished while we were gone. The tuning and polishing were not ordered but were provided free of charge as a wedding gift. Thank you, Sean.

Bianca C.

My family and I recently rented and then purchased a piano at Paceys Pianos.
We were so pleased with the level of service throughout the whole process that we would recommend anyone deciding on a piano to choose PaceysPianos.
Exceptional selection and service.

Amy H.

Sean, thank you for the wondeful job on my old Heintzman upright piano which was so very special to me as it was my Mothers. Over the years it had deteriorated and really needed to be refinished and have the damaged keys repaired. It looks absolutely fabulous. I will be passing this piano to my daughter as I want this to stay in the family.

Helen K.

We spent months looking for a piano for our daughter and I wish we had found Paceys sooner. Not only did Sean spend all of the time we needed to be educated on pianos, but he wasn't pushy or agressive, he really cares. When we were ready, the folks at Paceys had exactly what we were looking for and at the right price. Within a week we had our beautiful U1 delivered and tune and our daughter loves it. Thanks Sean!

Frank R.

Thank you, Sean. I called a piano tuner from the newspaper who immediately told me that I had thousands of dollars in repairs before he could even start tuning. Sean's tuner, within 2 days, wore booties in my house to protect my floors and really knew his stuff. Instead of replacing whole parts of the piano, he was able to refurbish just the small parts that needed it for a fraction of the other guy's estimate. These guys are great and my baby grand sounds better than ever.

Jaime C.

Thanks for all of the help Michael. Now I know why you have been in business for so long.

Adam E.

Sean is very good man. He rent very nice piano to me for my homestay of one year. And he speak Korean to me. Thank you Paceys Pianos

Han K.