About Us

Pacey’s Pianos – Vancouver’s Premier Piano Retailer for Generations.

Welcome to Pacey’s Pianos, Vancouver’s leading and distinctly trusted retailer of the finest quality acoustic uprights, grands, and digital pianos. We are proud to be Western Canada’s largest piano rental house, always with the customers musical interests in mind. Don’t doubt, we have the piano that’s right for you. We understand that a piano is more than just an instrument. For generations now, Pacey’s Pianos has taken great pride in offering Vancouver and surrounding areas the best possible selection of pianos at unbeatable prices. With first-rate advice and an unrivalled service, Pacey’s Pianos has earned its reputation as Vancouver’s commanding piano provider. Our business is pianos, and we understand that purchasing a piano requires patience, and careful consideration. We are here to guide you through every step of the way, so that when your piano is finally delivered to your home, the only thing left to do is play. As part of our commitment, not just to you but to your instrument, we have made it a priority to follow up with new owners. Your instrument is our concern, and we are dedicated to life-time satisfaction. Pacey’s Pianos has grown one piano at a time, and had we done it any other way, perhaps we wouldn’t know who are customers are and what they are receiving as well as we do. The years of care and focus that has gone into flourishing within our community has taught us that quality is utmost, and that quality must extend beyond just the product we provide – it’s in the relationship we share with our customer. We promise you the best prices, and unparalleled satisfaction. From our family to yours,   Michael Sean Pacey, Jr.