160 GK

160 GK Feather Mahogany Gloss

The 160 GK Grand piano has a presence far beyond its apparent size of 5’3″. It sings and glows easily with the bright, yet full tonal clarity that is the hallmark of an Italian piano. The 160 makes use of all of the best European components that the larger 197 uses and is available in all of the same outstanding finishes.

Schulze Pollmann 160 GK





Length 5’3″
Weight 616 lbs
Soundboard Cierca from the Val di Fiemme. Tapered to produce the most pleasant sound from each string.
Keyboard The Keyboard is a full 88-key, spanning 7 1/4 octaves.
Pedals 3: Una Corda, Sostenudo, Sustain
Ribs Long seasoned woods, chosen for their durability and resiliance.
Frame A traditional grey-cast iron frame is manufactured from a single block for maximum stability and resistance to stress. High-tech, precision tools are used to align tuning pins, hitch pins, and strings creating consistency and superior tunability.
Rim Hard beech inner and outer core help produce the uniquely Italian singing tones of the Piano.
Posts Laminated full-back frame.
Bridge Laminated hard beech
Pinblock Delignit pin-block is constructed of 15-ply beech.
Tuning Pins Klinke double nickle plated pins.
Strings Strings are made with premium Roslau steel and Degen copper.
Action Stuttgart Renner
Hammers Renner, Mahogany
Finishes High Polished Ebony

Mahogany Feather

Mahogany Briar