Piano Moving

Piano Moving Unfortunately, pianos are large, heavy, fragile and expensive. It is strongly recommended that you do not try to move one on your own. Moving a piano requires special equipment and skills so to prevent damaging the instrument, or injure the movers. Many moving companies will claim that they can handle your piano, but before entrusting your precious instrument to them make sure that they are insured for the total value of the piano and not just a per pound blanket insurance. Over the years, we have moved thousands upon thousands of pianos and you can rely on our unbeatable reputation and experience in the piano community. Whether you are moving your piano downstairs in the same home, across town, or cross-country, our experienced, bonded, and insured movers are your safest bet. Moving a piano is not just about distance, you must consider the number and type of steps, what the surfaces are made of, tight bends and corners and anything that might impede the movement of a piano. Watching professionals move a piano is an interesting experience as it is a marvel to see with what ease they are able to maneuver such a heavy instrument.

Moving an Upright Piano

An upright piano is typically placed onto a skid, which is then placed onto a dolly. It is then wheeled to the stairs if there are any, and repositioned in place. It may have to be placed on its end or carried to move around your home.

Moving a Grand Piano

Grand pianos tend to be much larger than their upright cousins, and moving them is often substantially more challenging. Grand pianos need their legs and pedals removed before being placed onto the skid. Once in place, their legs are re-attached, and the pedals reinstalled.

Moving a Piano Locally

Our have a routine for Metro Vancouver and visit all cities in the region at least twice per week. We service West Vancouver to Tsawwassen, and UBC to Abbotsford on local service. Whistler, Pemberton, Cultus and Chilliwack are typically twice per month. Call us at 604-732-8835 for details and current schedules.

Moving a Piano Long-Distance

Pacey’s Pianos ships pianos all over the province and country. We move to Kelowna, Kamloops, Prince George, Prince Rupert, Dawson Creek, Victoria, Nanaimo, Comox, and all of Vancouver Island. We also ship to Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, all points in Alberta, Western Canada and the United States. Call us for details and rates.

Post-Move Service

After moving, your piano will likely require a tuning. It is recommended that the piano be in its new position for 3-4 weeks before tuning to allow for it to settle and acclimatize to its new environment.